Road to Mr.Olympia: The Italian Stallion

Getting the nickname  „The Italian Stallion” is a story in itself – but maintaining that nickname after a spinal cord injury that leaves you in a wheelchair – that’s an extraordinary tale worthy of love and admiration.

And that’s precisely the tale of Gabriele Andriulli – the first Italian IFBB Professional Wheelchair Bodybuilder, 2016 Toronto Pro SuperShow Champion & 2019 Toronto Pro Wheelchair Champion.

The first thing I was told was: from now on your life will be changing, because you’re going to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of your life” recalls the professional bodybuilder.

After his car accident in 2011, no odds were in his favor.

It took insane courage, willpower and a great support system to get through the recovery period and, more so, back into bodybuilding.

Even though Gabriele had an accident, that didn't change his determination of being a bodybuilder.

I was not a pro before the accident – I only became one after.

It appears that “a tragedy” became this athlete’s fuel to become one of the greats of his sport.

Meeting Dorian Yates was a turning point for the thriving bodybuilder. Gabri states that he made more progress in the last 5 weeks than in the last 3 years, Dorian shared on his social media on the 24th of July of this year.

The pair is ready to put in the necessary work to score a win at the 2019 Mr.Olympia. So much so that Gabriele left his home country of Italy to train with the legend, Dorian Yates, in Spain.

Dorian Yates is always pushing his trainee to the point of muscle fatigue.

However, the work involved is unusual to Andriulli, since Dorian Yates’ regimen uses a unique approach.

He opts for fewer sets and less training time but substantially increased weights.

This is the same method that helped him gain his extreme muscle mass back in the 1990’s – which earned him 6 consecutive wins at the same competition, Mr.Olympia.

You can check Dorian Yates Road to Mr.Olympia here.

Dorian Yates' style of training is legendary, especially if you are looking to put on lean muscle mass.

Gabriele, in his second consecutive year as a contestant, is in an intensive training program for the next Mr.Olympia competition – which starts soon, on the 12th of September and ends on the 15th of September.

Sponsored by DY Nutrition, the athlete is one of Las Vegas’ favorites and is expected to earn first place this year.

As Gabriele stated for DY Nutrition:

I can speak not of wanting to start again, but of wanting not to stop, ever. Now I understand I need to set my mind at another level of pain for this kind of workout with Dorian, but it’s a dream to be here with him, the biggest legend of bodybuilding.

Posted by Tom Jenkins