Whey Protein hidden benefits

Whey protein powder is one of the most popular dietary supplements on the market nowadays. And not without reason: it’s very digestible and the body absorbs it quickly.

In this picture you can see Dorian Yates in his early years. Whey protein was a secret.

Despite being low in calories, it’s a very reliable, high-quality source of protein. Also, it contains numerous essential amino acids, which are hard to find in other types of food.

For example, one scoop of our whey protein isolate (30g) contains 84% pure protein. What does that mean, exactly? Well, for example, the daily recommended protein intake for the average person, who doesn’t hit the gym 3 times a week and doesn’t usually workout won’t exceed 0.8 g per kilogram.

The average sedentary man would ingest no more than 56 g of protein. The average sedentary woman would have to settle for about 46g.

These imaginary characters would do well on their own, getting their protein out of meat, eggs, and so on.

Whey protein for building muscle mass

Things change when we’re talking about those trying to build body mass or attempting to lose weight. Obviously, bodybuilders need more protein than the average person (their daily intake amounts to 2.2 g of protein per kilogram of lean body mass).

In this picture you can see Mateas Giuliano after using Whey Protein from DY Nutrition
Photo CC Mateas Giuliano

Imagine just how much chicken breast they would need to reach their target…

Even though nutrition and rest are highly important for building muscle mass, a proper method of training is mandatory. Take a look at two popular workouts and see what’s best for you. Progressive Overload vs. HIT.

Moreover, not only do they need more protein, but they also need it faster, right before or immediately after their workout.

So in order to get the best results, the protein must be absorbed in the fastest possible way.

If we think in terms of solid food, they would probably have to carry around Tupperware full of chicken breasts. Moreover. they would spend a ridiculous amount of time in the kitchen.

Maybe this was the norm a while ago, but today most athletes rely on protein powder to step up their game.

On top of that, you need to keep in mind that muscles are largely made of proteins, so in order to enhance muscle growth you may need to synthesize more muscle protein than you break down during workouts.

Whey protein for losing weight

Whey protein also works wonders for people trying to lose weight. In the early stages of their transformation journey, whey protein is particularly helpful because it’s highly satiating.

Photo CC Kirsty

This means that replacing a meal (usually dinner) with a protein shake would have them experiencing the same degree of fullness, efficiently reducing hunger and cravings.

Besides that, it’s low in calories and it actually contains all the nutrients you want to get from a meal.

Whey protein for overall health and mood 

The wide range of antioxidants and amino-acids are proven to boost our metabolism and immune system, helping us burn calories faster and maintain muscle mass while losing weight.

On top of that, it also keeps us in a good mood. Taking on healthier habits, making drastic changes in our diets may be stressful endeavors.

Fortunately, protein powders have been shown to positively impact our mood, keeping us focused and making it easier to deal with those transformations.

Whey protein can also help improve cardiovascular health. Milk peptides help lower blood pressure. Milk also contains several components that are essential for bone health.

Gal Yates it's a former IFBB Pro bikini Fitness. Now she is retired and is living a healthy lifestyle
Photo CC Gal Yates

Protein from milk promotes bone formation and suppresses bone resorption in healthy adult men. It lowers blood sugar and may help reduce the symptoms of stress and depression when integrated into a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Just keep in mind: whey protein isn’t some magic ingredient that will take you faster to the desired results.

Because, as its name suggests, it’s a dietary supplement, not a replacement for any other healthy nutrition habit. So we’ll give you the same piece of advice as usual: eat well, sleep well, exercise efficiently and choose the right supplements to complement your diet.

Don’t only rely on one thing or another, make them all into your daily habits and wait to see the results.

Always remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day (or by a single person).

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