Dorian's 5 Tips for a Perfect Workout

Dorian’s 5 Tips for a Perfect Workout

Thousands upon thousands of hours spent in a dark, cold dungeon named Temple Gym. Located in England’s second city, this is the place that forged the man who would forever change the bodybuilding industry. It READ MORE

Dorian Yates bicep pose

A Day in the Life of Dorian Yates

Let’s set the scene, it’s a cold winter Friday in Birmingham (as it pretty much is year round), people are getting on with their typical working day regime. Waking up, doing the usual routine, eating READ MORE

Dorian Yates Back Spread

How Dorian Yates Built His Back

Throughout my bodybuilding career and even after it, the one question that I still get asked even to this day is, “How did you build your back?!” If you’re hoping for the ‘big secret’ or READ MORE

Dorian Yates Preparing His Mind

The Importance of the Correct Mindset & Goal Setting

“The mind is key to everything, whatever you do physically is determined by your mindset” – Dorian Yates, 6x Mr Olympia. It’s important however, to have the correct mindset. But how would one know what READ MORE