Gal Yates

Gal Yates is an IFBB PRO Champion, bodybuilding.com expert, the first woman ever to become a columnist at Muscle Development Latino, and #shadowarrior. She developed her physique through a lifetime of sports and hard work. She has unique genetics that enabled her to win 3 major contests in just one year after beginning her fitness journey.

The story

Gal was born Glauce Ferreira in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, on July 19th, 1975. Throughout her life, she developed her body through constant athletic work. Gal studied Physical Education and Sports Science and competed in ballet, dance, gymnastics, and aerobics before starting a career in fitness.

Her unique physique and genetics motivated a famous Brazilian fitness coach to offer to train her after just looking at her on the beach. She was aware that her appearance at the time resembled that of a professional athlete because of her previous work in gymnastics and aerobics. Initially, Gal was reluctant to compete professionally because that meant she would have to spend less time with her family. However, she regarded the opportunity as a personal challenge that would transform her as a person, so she accepted. The coach said that she will become a world champion in one year’s time. His words turned into a prophecy.

Gal Yates: “It motivates me to challenge myself. That’s how I achieve my goals”

Gal was 32 years old when she started in the fitness industry. Everything happened very fast. Her determination, discipline, drive, and gains were off the charts. Five months after she began training, she found herself in first place at the Brazilian Championship in Sao Paulo – the Figure Brazilian contest. Two weeks after that, Gal competed in the IFBB South American BodyFitness event held in Quito, Ecuador, winning yet again. Later that year, she competed in the World Championships in Spain. She won that too and became World Champion in her first year of competition, getting her Pro license.

The following year, Gal and Dorian met in the States, at the 2008 Arnold Classic. Gal was introduced to him by her coach, who previously lived in the UK and trained with Dorian at Temple Gym.

Now, Gal and Dorian work together as a team. Gal methodically plans her training sessions and nutritional scenarios. In matters of food and supplementation, Gal’s nutrition plan doesn’t have any complicated tricks or fitness secrets. It’s just clean food in small amounts.

Gal is convinced that a healthy lifestyle is crucial for building and maintaining a good shape. Good nutrition, correct training, adequate rest, and proper supplementation all work together for achieving outstanding results.

Gal knows the significance of supplementation in sports nutrition. Gal’s supplements have made her workouts more effective and bolstered her body to become a more efficient machine.

Gal’s favorite Shadow Line product is Fat Burning Blackbombs. She says it’s the strongest burner she has ever tried. She loves it because it really works as it should. Blackbombs reduces the appetite, maintains a good mood, and gives her a lot of energy.

Gal Yates: “I know what it takes to go all the way”

Fitness is a lifestyle associated with hard work and passion. It is also worth noting that it is much harder for women to gain muscle than men. While working out, Gal is motivated by her passion for sports, her appreciation for life, and her mental strength.

Even before she met Dorian, Gal liked to train with high intensity. Of course, Dorian has had a big influence on how Gal currently trains, but she also applies his principle of “listening to your body”.

Gal says she feels completely free at the gym. If you’ve ever seen a video of her training, you probably noticed the “Beast Mode” moniker. It relates to Gal’s personality: strong, focused, determined, positively oriented. Furthermore, she always works out with great hunger – she’s hungry “like a beast”. Maybe this is the reason why some people call her the Iron Panther.

Gal did fitness and nutrition seminars all around the world, from Brazil to the UAE and from the UK to Romania. She offers training, performance-oriented nutrition and diet advice for rising athletes that need to prepare, mentally and physically, for fitness competitions: “I want to tell everyone that they can’t give up! Be strong and stay on your way. Be hungry to do stuff, do it with passion, and everything will go well. You must believe in yourself!” She also offers personal training sessions at M13 GYM, in Marbella.

Gal likes to face challenges head-on. “Bottom line: When I put my mind to something, I usually accomplish it.”

Gal’s Competitions

  • 2012 Olympia, 16th place
  • 2012 Nordic Pro, 1st Place
  • 2007 IFBB World Bodyfitness Championship, 1st place (Pro Card)
  • 2007 IFBB South American Championship, 1st place
  • 2007 Figure Brazilian, 1st place

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